Sunday, April 15, 2018

Letters of Capt. Irving Holcomb and Sarah Hull Holcomb

I recently acquired over 25 personal letters of Irving Holcomb (1833-1919) and his wife Sarah Hull Holcomb (1837-1905) from the 1850s-1860s. I'm currently transcribing these letters. My online research has been fairly productive, showing that Irving was an officer during the Civil War, serving in the 121st New York Volunteer Infantry where he served as a Captain in Company B until his medical discharge on 10 September 1862. He also had some political roles as well. Transcribed letters will follow in future posts. Read more about Irving Holcomb here and here

Obituary of Irving Holcomb 1919

Gravestone of Irving and Sarah Holcomb

Civil War Record of Irving Holcomb (

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