Friday, May 3, 2013

Heartbreak on February 4, 1922

Just came across this letter from Elizabeth Beres to Nicholas Bandy, who she was previously engaged to. She has recently discovered that Nick was previously married and has a child by that person, or that is what is insinuated in the letter. Now she and Nick are no longer engaged, but she asks to keep the ring and remain friends with Nick. What a woman (and only eighteen years old at that)! This was written around a year before they finally did get married (after he gets a divorce in late 1922). 

Letter reads: 

520 East 118th St.
New York, N.Y.
Feb 4, 1922.

Friend Nicholas,

Have received your letter to-day, and thought I would answer it. As you will understand I have mailed a a letter before I had received yours.

Why Nick, if I only knew that you felt so cold towards me I would have not write to you in that style.

I have waited in these last few days and was thinking that maybe you have change your mind since I saw you last. But anyway you know best what you want.

The way I understand from your letter you said we could be friends, lets hope so, I will always have you as a friend as long as you want me to. And the door will always be opened for you.

You are expressing your great love for your child. I do not blame you in the least Nick, for I know that I would not fill any better if I was in your place and I hope your love for her will be warmer than ever.

Guess I'll close now as I am rather short of thoughts.

I remain.
Just a friend

P.S. I think I will keep the ring as long as you have no objection to it.

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