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Love letter from Elizabeth Beres to unknown recipient, 1920

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This is one of the only letters in the love letter batch I received that isn't signed by the sender, although I suppose it's safe to assume it was written by Elizabeth Beres to Nicholas Bandy, since they were unofficially courting at the time, but some of the text is confusing, so I'm not sure. Because they aren't native English speakers, it's understandable how the author could be confused. The handwriting isn't Nicholas's, so I'm assuming it's Elizabeth writing, or another man to her? Elizabeth would have been 16 years old at the time of this letter, and Nicholas would've been 23 years old.

Original letter reads (I have typed this letter exactly as it was written, so there are misspellings):

Leap Year, 1920

Dearest Sweetheart,
            I am writing you a few lines and hope that the same will interest you. Of all men I have met you are the one I can’t forget. I must confess I love you and your name will suit me too. Now don’t be slow for a wife, I’ll make you happy all your life.
Your friendship is a golden chain which brings two hearts together and if you don’t break this chain we can be friends forever. Our eyes have met, out lips not yet, but oh you kid, I’ll get you yet. If there is a spot in your heart for me, plant a for-get-me-not there and think of me. “Love is a lump of gold hard to find and hard to hold. They say it is a sin to love. But I will sin for you to die. To you my heart is given, why throw away the key, Dearest Sweetheart, if I may call you, that all I ask is love and all I want is you. Years may come and weeks may die. But my love for you will never die. Oh, Dearest.
I will be your dearest friend. You will be rewarded if you can guess who sent this. Apples are good but pears (pairs) are better. If you cannoh guess the writer, write to the one you love best. No answer soon. With best wishes, I am your most violent Love,

“Isle of View.”

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